Lasting Power of Attorney

If you’re worried about losing the ability to manage your finances or who will make decisions about your welfare in later life, you may want to consider making a Lasting Power of Attorney.

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows you to plan what should happen to you and who would be able to make decisions on your behalf, should you become unable to make decisions for yourself in the future.

Putting a Lasting Power of Attorney in place offers security for you and your loved ones and lets you make the important decisions in case old age, illness or injury leave you unable to deal with your own affairs. You can also give instructions on what should happen to your money and your property.

Without a Lasting Power of Attorney your family and friends may find it difficult to manage your affairs and they may not know your wishes. If you are able to make decisions for yourself, you can make and register a Lasting Power of Attorney at any time.

You have the option of a Health and Welfare LPA which allows you to choose one or more people to make decisions in areas such as medical treatment. This can only be used when you are unable to make these decisions for yourself.

A Property and Financial Affairs LPA enables you to choose one or more people to make property and financial decisions on your behalf. This can either come into force immediately or once you no longer have mental capacity.

Our expert team can provide advice on who might be suitable to be your attorney and can help you make a plan that ensures your wishes are adhered to later in life.

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Power of Attorney